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Enjoy A Writing Career And Health Insurance!

It?s no newsflash that writers love what they do ? writing. Whether they?re writing children?s books, science fiction novels, Harlequin romances, or feature articles for various magazines, you can usually find a writer with a pen in her hand or keyboard keys at her finger tips. That?s a good thing, too. Without writers, not only…

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Lowering Your Car Insurance Rates

It can be easier than you think to save money on your car insurance policy. There are several steps you can take to start saving right away. Using an Independent Agent is helpful in shedding unnecessary costs on your policy. Your agent can advise you on proper coverages and shop the rates among many companies. The difference between one company and the next can literally be hundreds of dollars.

Consider dropping the physical damage coverage on an older car. Depending on your car?s age and where you live, comprehensive and collision coverage may not be worth keeping. You can speak with your agent about this and they can help you research your car?s value to determine the value of the coverage. If you do not want to drop the coverage, raise the deductible. According to the Insurance Information Institute, raising your deductible from $200 to $500 could reduce your collision and comprehensive cost by 15% to 30%. In addition, because the average driver files a collision claim only once every ten years, odds are that over the lifetime of your car, a higher deductible will save you money.

Look for discounts. Many insurance companies offer discounts for adding multiple policies. For example, if you add a homeowner?s, umbrella, ATV, or other type of policy, you could save anywhere from 5% to 20% on your car insurance. Companies also offer discounts for certain driver traits or car features. For example, being a homeowner, a good student, a senior citizen who has taken an approved defensive driving course, a car with antitheft devices and antilock brakes, air bags, etc. All of these factors may lower your rate. Your agent will know what discounts apply to your situation.

Do not assume having your car and home insured by the same company is always the best option. It may be, but it is not absolute. Because auto insurance rates vary so much from company to company, it may make sense for you to have your car and home insured by separate companies. Talk about it with an Independent Insurance Agent.

Phrs Model By Blue Cross Insurance

High quality health care today simply means having the right information in the right hands and at the right time. You may be an individual or a family, every body need concurrent access to health care information that might be discrete among a number of physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, and other health care providers. But in fact we are many years away from the system that are fully interoperable. Consumers would have superior access to the health care information they require to optimize their health and health care thanks to a new personal health record (PHR) model being urbanized by Blue cross health insurance plans.

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) worked jointly to recognize the core health care information to comprise in PHRs, and have urbanized and pilot tested standards, which allow consumers to move PHR data when they actually change their coverage. This ensures that PHRs would surely be portable from health insurer to health insurer as customers have requested. Members of the two teams cover about 200 million people.

The industry model PHR by Blue cross insurance is in fact private, secure web-based tool preserved by an insurer, which contains a consumer’s claims and organizational information. PHRs allow individual patients and their chosen caregivers to look and manage health care information and play a better role in their own health care.

Consequently of health insurance claims filed on behalf of consumers, insurers have most information required to give PHRs, and are in an exclusive position to build them for customers in the near term. PHRs are different from the electronic health records, which providers normally use to store and run detailed clinical information. A projected 75 million people have PHRs throughout health insurers, with millions more planned for the service during 2007.

Physicians tend to encourage insurers to accept a reliable set of core PHR data. Health insurers would carry on innovating in the PHRs they expand, but the aim is to slot in core data elements into every PHR. These elements comprise patient histories, medications, immunizations, allergies, risks, plans of care, and much other information, which physicians recognized as the key data. The health insurance groups of people have set an objective of incorporating the core data elements and implement the standards for portability from a previous insurer to a new insurer by 2008.

An Insight On Life Settlement Broker

Life settlements have brought about a suitable secondary market for the unwanted life insurance policies. However when you are searching and screening for life settlement companies then you will come across a number of life settlement brokers and viatical settlement broker, this article will provide you with an insight knowledge on life settlement and viatical settlement brokers. They just reduce the time which you will take in the process of searching and screening the secondary market for your life insurance policies.

A life settlement broker may be defined as a person or an organization who on behalf of the policy holder of the insurance holders looks in for life settlement companies or life settlement agents who would be intending to purchase the insurance policy or in other words the life settlement brokers simply negotiate the process of selling life insurance policies in the secondary market.

The regulations which are to be considered during the conduct of the life insurance policy providers, brokers and representatives are to be governed by the State insurance regulation providers.

Some of the benefits which are offered by the life settlement brokers are that they are one of the most important factors for you to offer the best quote available in the market. It is important that you take into consideration that there are life settlement brokers on the internet with almost nil experience or they would be representing one or two funding companies. This acts as a constraint for them to look in for good life settlement companies offering you with good quote as they will have limited access to the companies whom they are representing. Further if this is the case then the life settlement broker will offer you with the limited options and even with limited number of life settlement companies which have been analyzed by the broker. It is always important that you select a life settlement broker who has many years of experience in the industry of life settlement. It is important to remember that a well experienced broker will always analyze your policy and personal situation carefully. After proper analyzing they will place the policy to a suitable life settlement company that is apt for your case and the policy needs. Proper analysis not only saves time, but even saves money and effort. Life settlement broker are always in the process to get you the best offer.

A viatical settlement broker is a person who on the behalf of the person eligible for viatical settlement selects a company which is apt for dealing with the viatical settlement on behalf of a fee, commission or other valuable considerations. The viator is the person who is the owner of the life insurance policy and the person who is suffering from the life threatening disease. The regulations which are considered to be essential while dealing with the life settlement process are to be taken from the state insurance regulations. It is important that we select a viatical settlement company that is aware of the regulations and adheres to it very strictly.